Art and creative expression have been a necessity of mine for as long as I can remember. I began developing my artistic abilities at an early age through drawings that later lead me develop several unique coloring techniques with soft colored pencils. Though my technique allows me to produce near photo like renditions of the subjects in mind, it also takes a tremendous amount of time and requires me to spend this time indoors. The long, snowy winters of western Michigan where I grew up offered plenty of time to be spent indoors creating new additions to my collection of color pencil drawings.

Once old enough to begin exploring more of the country, I quickly began to exploit another great passion of mine, mountain biking. College Spring and Summer breaks became excuses to head out into the wild with little more than a tent, my bike, couple of good friends, and a camera.

I purchased my first digital camera with the intention of sharing the sights and scenery of my adventures with family and friends. I soon found that picture taking was becoming as much a part of the adventure as the trails my friends and I were riding. It wasn't long before I began educating myself on the mechanics of my digital camera and how to operate all of the intricate settings. Picture taking was now becoming photography; a new passion that allowes me to incorporate my need for creative expression with my passion for the outdoors.

As my photography began to advance, so did the avenues for getting myself out into the wild to get more unique and exotic exposures. In addition to mountain biking, I have taken up nearly any adventure sport I can get a handle on, each one allowing me a unique opportunity to experience nature and capture equally unique shots.

Now residing in beautiful Colorado, much of my photography originates here in the Rockies, though I still venture out to new locations in search of new photography and experiences.

I have created Wild Panoramic to share a collection of photography taken through the eyes of an artist but with a camera in the hands of an adventurer. My photography is meant to inspire, awe, and place the viewer in my boots to share, if only one sensory experience the world I love to explore. Until a device is created that allows me to share the beautiful silence, the scents, and the embrace of this wild planet we live on, my photography will have to suffice.

So, allow me to take you along on this adventure and share with you my experience.
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